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(Ontology, [metaphysics] Secret Sciences and Initiatory Mysteries.)

    ISBN N° 2 905732 25 3
(French version.)
English version in preparation

Foundations and Practical Applications
With the revelation of the true method of Descartes
The basics of the Initiation into the Mysteries

Until then unavailable because it was reserved for its regular readers, this work of applied metaphysics is now available again. The author, Vincent Derkaoui, is putting all the Metaphysics on the agenda, of which he makes in this book a perfectly substantiated science, which will amaze the most learned and the most sceptical people.
The manuscript of this book in aroused a huge proposal of broadcasting. At the time, (and to this day), the author has always declined this offer.

Those who will carefully read this book, whether they are graduates of Oxford University or simple workers, believers or not, so far as they have a little understanding (and even a fairly rational mind), will not be able to stop themselves from bringing into question all the concepts relating to the very reason for their own existence. This will be one of the early signs of their true birth in the bosom of Creation. (That is what the ancient Initiates called the second birth, and the true hatching of the being within eternity).

Besides the knowledge of your true cosmic origins, with the growing awareness of a metaphysical science based on evidence, and even — paradoxically — through a perfectly logical and rational approach (it is in fact what will be shown in this book), this study involves some general ideas covering the whole of knowledge gained by humankind. And especially, certain knowledge still unknown of the common run of people.

In short, you are going to become aware right here of the realities of life, to have the opportunity to check and restart certain psychic abilities that you have without knowing it, have direct experimental evidence of the survival of your soul, and more. Everything you will learn in this book is easily verifiable by yourself; including the clairvoyance and the telepathy. And much more.

This book is now being translated into English, and will be soon available in English for free downloading PDF.

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